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Hands On Subscription

Digital Park Studio

How It Works

  • Pay for a subscription plan and request as many designs as you'd like. We work on each request one at a time within a queue that you can track within Notion
  • Receive your design deliverables within a few business days on average. We work the standard working hours on Monday to Friday EST time zone.


  • Notion Board Collaboration -  We are not the biggest fans of meetings so we work within Notion. Once you buy a subscription we will set up your board and get to work.
  • Fully Remote - We are a fully remote design team and you will most likely be working with our founder. For specialized design requests you may work with one of our other in house designers.  
  • Transparent Project Management - Manage your project using Notion. View what is active, in progress, and completed with ease.
  • Invite Unlimited Members - Invite your entire team to submit requests and track progress within Notion.
  • Flexible Subscription - Pay the same fixed price each month to scale your business. Pause or cancel at anytime.
  • Custom Design Experience - Each design request is made for you and 100% yours with your company brand and user experience in mind.
  • Weekly Zoom Check In - Once a week we can set up a standing meeting with zoom.
  • Real-Time Communication - Get access to our Slack team channel for real time communication.

Service Offerings

  • Brand Experience
    • Animation
    • Art Direction
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Logos 
    • Illustration
  • User Experience
    • Scalable Design Systems
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Working Prototypes (Figma)
  • Digital Design Experience
    • Social Media Content
    • Email Templates
    • Digital Ads
    • Print Design
    • Business Decks
    • Presentation Decks
    • Illustrations
  • Package Design
    • Structural Design
    • Visual Package Design
    • Package Design Manufacture List 
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