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How It Works

  • Pay for a subscription plan and request as many designs as you'd like. We work on each request one at a time within a queue that you can track within Notion
  • Receive your design deliverables within a few business days on average. We work the standard working hours on Monday to Friday EST timezone.


  • Notion Communication -  We are not the biggest fans of meetings so we work within Trello. Once you buy a subscription we will set up your board and get to work.
  • Fully Remote - We are a fully remote design team and you will most likely be working with our founder Jeffery Antwi. For specialized design requests you may work with one of our other in house designers.  
  • Transparent Project Management - Manage your project using Notion. View what is active, in progress, and completed with ease.
  • Invite Unlimited Members - Invite your entire team to submit requests and track progress within Notion.
  • Flexible Subscription - Pay the same fixed price each month to scale your business. Pause or cancel at anytime.
  • Custom Design Experience - Each design request is made for you and 100% yours with your company brand and user experience in mind.

Service Offerings

  • Brand Experience
    • Animation
    • Art Direction
    • Brand Guidelines
    • Logos 
    • Naming Identity
    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Illustration
  • User Experience
    • Scalable Design Systems
    • Responsive Web Design
    • Working Prototypes (Figma)
  • Digital Design Experience
    • Social Media Content
    • Email Templates
    • Digital Ads
    • Print Design
    • Business Decks
    • Presentation Decks
    • Illustrations
  • Package Design
    • Structural Design
    • Visual Package Design
    • Package Design Manufacture List 
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$2,800 a month

Hands Free Subscription

0 ratings
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